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Starting from Dojo 1.7, dojo.connect is deprecated and replaced by dojo/on and dojo/aspect. While dojo.connect provides cross-browser capability to manipulate events for dom nodes, the biggest disadvantage is that you can only connect/disconnect one event type at a time even if they have the same event handler. The new dojo/on module came out to address this issue.

The basic syntax for adding event handler for multiple event types is:

on(targetObject, events, eventHandler);

For example:

define(["dojo/on, dojo/touch"], function(on){
    var clickImage = on (this.image, "click,", this.clickImageHandler);
    //to disconnect the event

You can further refine the target object by adding css class selector to the events parameter. However, this feature does not apply to extension events defined in dojo/gesture and dojo/mouse.
For example, you want to trigger the event only when users single click on an image or double-click on an image if it has class smallImage.

define(["dojo/on"], function(on){
    var clickImage = on (this.image, "click, .smallImage:dbclick", 

Another useful use case of dojo/on is to apply on a node list returned by dojo/query. For example:

define(["dojo/on, dojo/query"], function(on,query){
    var clickImage = query(".banner").on("click, .smallImage:dbclick", 

Dojo/on module also comes with other some functions for more advanced usage:
on.selector – apply event delegation for extension events
on.emit – return a normalized event object
on.pausable – return a an event object with pause function
on.once – return an event object will self destroy after being called once

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  1. Hi Thanks for blog and this article – Dojo/on module is interesting.
    However, I need more delve on this function “on.pausable ” as it has limited info at dojo website
    Please help.


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